Hawkeye Parking Sensors

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Terms & Conditions

1 - Hawkeye Parking Sensors reserve the right to change product details at any time and without prior notice.

2 - Hawkeye will request a small deposit to confirm booking. No booking shall be possible without a deposit. This is due to timewasters not following through with their part of the agreement.

3 - If you (the customer) need to cancel after a deposit has been paid, no refund will be given, although a new installation date should still be possible.

4 - If you (the customer) need to postpone an agreed installation then a new date can still be made and no deposit will be lost.

5 - Hawkeye Parking Sensors will not be held responsible if an installation date is not able to be kept. You will be notified beforehand to make another suitable date.

6 - Prices are NOT subject to negotiation. They are quoted fairy depending on product required, vehicle type and location.

7 - Parking sensors are covered for a year under manufacturer's warranty for failure or damage not caused by the customer or any third party. Repairs and replacements are therefore only possible after the warranty expiration date at cost to the customer.